With over 25 years of leading edge, high-tech engineering experience, Queo Systems' leadership team provides a steady, experienced approach to ensuring client satisfaction. Our company is characterized by its team-oriented engineering consultants who utilize their strengths toward the common goal of superior service to our clients. Our team understands that we are only as good as our last job.

Bruce Richardson
Bruce Richardson,
Dir. of Business Development [+]
Scott Cowie
Scott Cowie,
Dir. of Engineering [+]
Paul Doherty
Paul Doherty,
Technical Director [+]

A co-founder of Queo Systems , Bruce has 30 years of engineering leadership experience in aerospace, defence and health care.

Bruce began his career as a software engineer developing airborne radar systems for Hughes Aircraft Company in Los Angeles. He later relocated to Vancouver to develop a new air traffic control system (CAATS), a $750 million automation initiative to modernize Canada’s domestic airspace for the Canadian government. Initially, his work on the program involved developing system requirements and later developing system performance models. He soon managed the specialty engineering organization, which included performance engineering, RMA and safety teams. Later, he managed a software development organization responsible for developing the system services and external systems software, along with a database engineering team. He then became the software engineering manager, responsible for all the 200+ engineers at Raytheon Canada tasked with developing the software on CAATS and other aerospace and defence systems. After Raytheon Canada, he led an organization of 120+ engineers developing health care systems at McKesson Medical Imaging. His team was responsible for all software development and system requirements analysis.

Bruce holds a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a master's degree in Computer Science.


Scott has over 20 years of real-time embedded software design, development and program management experience as a database management and communications systems specialist.  He got his start in engineering within the Defense and Aerospace domains. 

Scott’s engineering roots are in Sydney, Australia where he designed and developed submarine combat systems software for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Collins Class Submarine Program.  His sonar classification and knowledge-based systems design work in this realm was followed up by simulation systems design and development for RAN’s Seahawk Helicopter. He relocated to Vancouver in 1995 where he designed, developed and eventually assumed high-level project management responsibility within the Canadian Automated Air Traffic System (CAATS) Program, a $750 million automation initiative to modernize Canada’s domestic airspace. Leading technical teams of 50+ engineers primed him to assume program management responsibility on the US FAA’s En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) Program headed by Lockheed Martin in 2002. ERAM is a $2 billion initiative tasked to overhaul the USA’s air traffic management infrastructure and optimize it for technological advancement beyond 2030. 

Scott holds a degree in Computer Science and an MBA. He currently serves Queo Systems in an Engineering Director and PMO capacity.


A co-founder of Queo Systems , Paul has over 24 years experience engineering and developing software systems at the leading edge of technology in Aerospace, Defence and Space.

Paul began his career as a software engineer developing missile systems for Thorn EMI in the UK for the Persian Gulf War. The experience he gained allowed him to work throughout the UK & Europe on several significant projects including Boeing 777, EH101 Helicopter, Eurofighter, and the UK DOD Nuclear fleet. Paul also worked on the flight software for the European Space Agency’s Ariane 5 rocket, granting him the designation of being an actual “rocket scientist”. After relocating to Vancouver, he worked on the development of the Canadian Automated Air Traffic System (CAATS), a $750 million automation initiative to modernize Canada’s domestic airspace for the Canadian government. He led the Profile, Flight & Communications teams at Raytheon Canada developing the most complex algorithmic software on CAATS, as well as becoming Technical Authority on a number of other aerospace and defence systems. Following Raytheon, he was a technical management lead on the NATO's ACCS European defence program, leading staff out of Vancouver, Los Angeles & Paris.

Paul holds degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is a Chartered Engineer with the IEE & IEEE.